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About Zen Oasis

Zen Oasis - An Oasis of Harmony

Zen Oasis is situated on the fringe of the beautiful historic village of Berrima.The rustic building, sitting on one hundred acres in the Southern Highlands, was erected in 1948 and is renowned as the Woolshed Restaurant of the Parmenter's family for nearly three decades. It now proudly houses the Zen Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant.

The restaurant is quietly tucked away and peacefully blended into ambient surroundings, yet one will find Zen Oasis to be serenely distinctive to the region. It artfully mixes the beauty of oriental ways into the local historic charm.

Relax whilst being welcomed by the tree-lined driveway that heralds the special experience that lies beyond.

Dining here is all about harmony - for your body, mind and spirit! With friendly service and peaceful surroundings, the atmosphere will transport you to serenity.

Zen Oasis Garden Restaurant offers exotic oriental cuisine with a vast selection of healthy gourmet delights. A selection of over 30 sumptuous yum cha, freshly made sushi and main dishes are on offer, accompanied by a choice of hot or cold beverages. All this followed by a mouthwatering assortment of home-made desserts and fruit.

Stroll around the exquisite ornamental lake after lunch, wander in the gardens and natural beauty that surrounds Zen Oasis.

Be our guests and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit!

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